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At Uni Cable Ties, customer always comes first. We want to create long-lasting customer relationships and work with you to provide the best engineering solutions to support your success. It starts with our innovative services and compelling prices to our quality, reliability and proved performance. From systems to services, our commitment to innovation has enabled us to introduce breakthrough products that change the engineering landscape. Our approach in quality is second to none. We believe in delivering the best services to our customers at competitive prices. We are capable to handle any enquiries and provide solutions to satisfy customers. Our approach, commitment to core values, exemplary services and our dedication to develop advanced technological solutions stands testimonial to our exception growth.

The "Uni Cable Ties" are offered in both AISI 304 and AISI 316 stainless steel grade. The cable ties are available in coated & uncoated types. The cable ties can be used for indoor, outdoor and underground applications.

"Uni Cable Ties" pioneers in providing engineering solutions including designing, testing, validation and stimulation that can modify standard clamping solutions or develop new solutions for your specific project needs.


We strive to exceed customers' expectations by developing highly competent quality products which meet the market needs globally and provides a distinct advantage from our competitors. Our business service integrates state of the art manufacturing facilities, quality management systems and productivity tools ensuring strict compliance with the high standards of our services. Our organized network plays an important role in the delivery performance. Our approach, commitments and relationships with customers are the valued contributors to our success.

  • Strong commitment to our core values
  • Win the respect of our customers and achieve manufacturing excellence
  • Maintain our services for cost, quality and delivery
  • Focus on customers
  • Our integrity is paramount
  • Provide high quality product
  • Demonstrate passion for success
  • Deliver superior customer service
  • Protect the environment and contribute to society
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